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Changing doctors in the workers’ compensation claim

If the injured worker desires to change doctors within the posted panel of physicians, he or she may do so without approval from the Board or the insurance company.  This change is only allowed one time, however. If the injured employee wants to change physicians to someone not listed on the panel of physicians, he or she must either find a doctor the insurance company will agree to, or formally request the change from State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  See, O.C.G.A. 34-9-201(e).  This holds true if the insurance company wants to transfer care from the established treating physician to another physician.  For example, if the insurance company desires to transfer care away from Dr. Erik Bendiks to Dr. Hal Silcox, it must either convince the injured worker to agree to the change or present evidence to the State Board justifying the change.  This change has tremendous impact on the claim and should not be taken lightly. (more…)

Settlement in Workers’ Compensation Claims

The term “settlement” can be very confusing in a Georgia workers’ compensation claim.  Essentially, a “settlement” is an agreement between the parties where one party receives financial compensation in exchange for releasing the other party from any further obligations or threat of prosecution.  Additionally, a settlement (more…)

Guidelines for following up with the authorized treating doctor

Generally, the goal of the injured worker and the authorized treating physician should be the same:  to heal the patient.  Given the number of patients that “company doctors” see, it is important that the injured worker serve as his or her best advocate during the medical appointments.  At the Ramos Law Firm, we recommend that the injured employee attend all the scheduled medical visits without fail  However, if you legitimately cannot attend the appointment, notify the physician’s office immediately.  Do not simply “no show”.   Also, call if you are going to be late.   If the doctor or insurance company believes you are refusing medical care, then this may inhibit your entitlement to future care or other workers’ compensation benefits.

When you meet with the treating doctor, have a notebook and pen with you.  We recommend that you write down all your questions before the appointment and make sure you ask him or her for the answers.  As the doctor is answering, take notes as to what the doctor or nurse said in response to the questions.  Also, we recommend you use this “notebook” as your medical diary with relation to your workers’ compensation injuries.  Write down everything you think may be useful.  For example, write down the name of the doctor and nurse, the medical group, the address of the medical facility, parking charges, medication, the level of pain, symptoms or complaints made to the doctor or nurse, and the length of time the doctor spent with you.  These little bits of information may be tedious at first but it may prove to be crucial if there is a dispute down the road.

Additionally, we recommend that the injured worker attend with a trusted family member.  By doing this, it will hopefully cut down on misinterpreting the doctor’s and nurse’s instructions.  If English is not your first language and you prefer an interpreter to assist with the medical evaluation, ask for it.  Don’t be embarrassed or shy about it.  It is your health at stake. On the other hand, the Ramos Law Firm does not recommend you allow anyone from the insurance company attend your medical appointments.  This includes “nurse case managers” or “nurse consultants”.  These people are simply agents of the insurance company and their loyalties run to the insurance company, not the patient.  Remember, you must be actively engaged in your medical treatment as no one else is more qualified to speak about your health issues and complaints.

If you have any questions  about following up with the authorized treating doctors in Atlanta, Decatur, or anywhere in Georgia, please feel free to contact the Ramos Law Firm for a free consultation.

Preparing for Medical Appointments

Getting healthy again from a work related accident should always be the top priority.  Therefore, it is crucial that the injured worker makes the most of his or her time with the physician.  If the injured employee has the panel of physicians, thoughtful consideration must be exercised upon selecting the authorized treating physician.  This doctor holds a good deal of power.   The injured worker should research the potential physicians and ask for advice from more knowledgeable resources such as the Ramos Law Firm.  It is important not to simply accept where the Employer or insurance company  sends the employee.

When the employee attends the medical appointment, it is important that he or she gives an accurate description of the symptoms and painful areas.  Many times, the physician or nurse will ask the injured employee to rate the pain she is experiencing.  Level 1 generally equates to “no pain” while Level 10 equates to “the most pain.”  It is important not to exaggerate.  Level 10 may necessitate a call for an ambulance.  On the other hand, there is no need to hide symptoms or be stoic.  The physicians should be there to help.  At the Ramos Law Firm, we recommend that injured employees keep a journal or diary of symptoms.  Write them down regularly so that you will have data to present to the doctor.  Also, write down the mileage from the employee’s residence to the medical facility.  This includes therapy and pharmacy visits.   These notes should be relatively detailed.  However, we do not recommend writing anything down that you don’t want someone to read.  Additionally, we recommend that the injured worker request a copy of the medical narrative or note pertaining to the medical appointment.

The doctors visits should be used to analyze the data the injured worker presents, not to discover or “fish” for the symptoms.  The patient should be prepared to discuss the data and ask thoughtful questions as to what the physician recommends.

Georgia Snow Storm 2014 Brings City to a Halt

If you were one of the unlucky many that sat on the interstate for hours on end last Tuesday trying to get home, we feel for you and hope that you have now recovered and, if necessary, retrieved your car (hopefully without a fine).  Some workers may have been stuck even longer and some may have been injured while trying to get to their car or while driving home. Falls on ice are painful and all too common in the weather conditions we saw last week. In (more…)

Tax reporting for Workers’ Compensation income benefits and settlements

As 2013 ended, the issue of whether workers’ compensation benefits and settlement proceeds should be reported as “income” on your taxes has once again arisen.  Generally, IRS Code 104 provides (more…)

Seasonal employees have workers’ compensation rights too

During this time, many Atlanta employers hire seasonal employees to help out during the holidays.  They are hired to help with retail sales, temporary set-up, or inventory among other items.  Unfortunately, these Atlanta employees are rushed, and sometimes they get injured on the job.  However, the employers claim, or the injured workers themselves, are unsure if the workers’ compensation system applies.  It does.  These seasonal employees are covered as (more…)

My employer denied my claim saying I was on a break

The Ramos Law Firm prosecuted a case where the Employer contested an injury that occurred while the employee was using the bathroom.  The Georgia workers’ compensation law provides that acts performed (more…)

How will I get paid after my work injury while I’m on workers’ compensation leave?

When an injured worker is not able to return back to work because of a work injury, the hurt employee may be deemed “totally disabled.”  Should this occur, the employee hurt at work may be entitled to money benefits under O.C.G.A. § 34-9-261.  The amount of money the employee would be entitled to depends upon (more…)

The company is closing, what happens to my workers’ compensation claim?

Most recently, Belle Foods filed for bankruptcy and is looking to close 57 stores in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.  When the stores close, many workers will be obviously affected.  However, many injured employees will believe that their claims will also be “closed” when the store closes.  This is not necessarily true.  Generally (more…)