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Employer and Employee IME basics in Georgia Workers’ Comp Claims

In many workers’ compensation cases, the injured worker, the employer, or insurance carrier may desire an “independent medical examination” or “second opinion.”   This generally occurs when the one of the parties is dissatisfied with the current physician’s diagnosis, prognosis, or care plan.  The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act does provide (more…)

Seasonal employees have workers’ compensation rights too

During this time, many Atlanta employers hire seasonal employees to help out during the holidays.  They are hired to help with retail sales, temporary set-up, or inventory among other items.  Unfortunately, these Atlanta employees are rushed, and sometimes they get injured on the job.  However, the employers claim, or the injured workers themselves, are unsure if the workers’ compensation system applies.  It does.  These seasonal employees are covered as (more…)

Are you ready for some Football and Workers’ Comp?

Many folks would not correlate a professional football player with a workers’ compensation claimant, but they certainly can be one in the same.  For example, in the case of Tom Tupa, a veteran NFL punter who suffered a career-ending back injury during a pre-season game in 2005.  Mr. Tupa (more…)

Do I have a good workers’ compensation case?

A workers’ compensation accident is simply an accident resulting in a physical injury arising out of and in the course of employment.  Therefore, the first question is whether the injured worker was indeed an employee.  Some workers (more…)

How Can I Prepare for My Deposition?

In general, people tend to get nervous when they have to be in a lawyer’s office. When they are in a deposition, it can seem a lot worse as everything you say will be recorded by the court reporter. However, it is a common practice when you file a workers’ compensation claim or law suit. The key is being familiar with what is going on and being prepared for what the opposing attorney will ask you. It is like (more…)

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Teleconference Initiative

In an effort to “expedite” the resolution of certain issues, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation has recently implemented a “conference call” vehicle to assist injured workers and insurers.

Essentially, attorneys may call the Board and request a conference call with the presiding administrative law judge (ALJ) assigned to the claim.  If there is no ALJ assigned to the case, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation will assign a case accordingly.  These ALJ’s are empowered to (more…)

Sears Closes Stores

Sears announced that it will close six Georgia stores as follows: Sears in Macon; Kmart in Atlanta, Buford, Columbus, Douglasville and Jonesboro. Florida will be hit the hardest by the closing of Sears and Kmart stores, losing 11, according to a preliminary list of 79 planned closures released Thursday (more…)

What is compensation for permanent partial disability (PPD)?

Georgia law defines PPD as a disability partial in character but permanent in quality resulting in a loss or loss of use of body members or from the partial loss of use of the injured employee’s body.  In other words, (more…)

Money benefits in workers’ compensation claims

When an injured worker is not able to return back to work because of his or her work injury, the hurt employee may be deemed “totally disabled.”  Should this occur, the employee hurt at work may be entitled to money benefits under (more…)

Messing up my workers’ compensation case

Recently, I had a Piedmont Hospital employee ask me how most clients “mess up” their workers’ compensation case.  After some thought, I advised her that the most common issue clients have is not (more…)