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Employer and Employee IME basics in Georgia Workers’ Comp Claims

In many workers’ compensation cases, the injured worker, the employer, or insurance carrier may desire an “independent medical examination” or “second opinion.”   This generally occurs when the one of the parties is dissatisfied with the current physician’s diagnosis, prognosis, or care plan.  The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act does provide (more…)

Medical treatment and panel choices

When an employee is injured on the job, the Employer is required to furnish them with medical benefits including surgical, hospital, and related care or items prescribed by a licensed physician.  These items may include (more…)

Reporting a Work Accident and Injury

When an accident happens at work and an injury occurs, the first thing an injured worker should do is seek medical attention by reporting the event to the immediate supervisor or manager.  The injured employee should report the details of the accident but focus on securing medical attention.  At our firm, we encourage (more…)

Tax reporting for Workers’ Compensation income benefits and settlements

As 2013 ended, the issue of whether workers’ compensation benefits and settlement proceeds should be reported as “income” on your taxes has once again arisen.  Generally, IRS Code 104 provides (more…)

Tolling the Statute of Limitations by Paying Benefits

Recently, the Ramos Law Firm was asked whether the payment of salary paid due to an occupational injury qualified as income benefits for the purposes of tolling the statute of limitations.  Particularly, an Atlanta employer paid (more…)

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation requires notice of temporary partial disability conversion

Effective January 1, 2014, Board Rule 104 requires that Form WC-104 be filed with the Board at the same time (more…)

Medical Second Opinion. Can I get one?

In many instances, an injured employee receiving workers’ compensation medical benefits may desire a second opinion or an independent medical evaluation.  Also, the Employer/Insurer may also want to send you to another physician for a “second opinion.”  If you have been injured on the job and you are receiving weekly income benefits, you are entitled (more…)

My employer denied my claim saying I was on a break

The Ramos Law Firm prosecuted a case where the Employer contested an injury that occurred while the employee was using the bathroom.  The Georgia workers’ compensation law provides that acts performed (more…)

The company is closing, what happens to my workers’ compensation claim?

Most recently, Belle Foods filed for bankruptcy and is looking to close 57 stores in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.  When the stores close, many workers will be obviously affected.  However, many injured employees will believe that their claims will also be “closed” when the store closes.  This is not necessarily true.  Generally (more…)

Changes to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law in 2013

Employees injured on or after July 1, 2013 will be operating under a new set of rules. Georgia House Bill 154 was signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. The new law limits medical treatment for (more…)