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February, 2013:

New Workers’ Compensation Bill before the 2013 Georgia House of Representatives

The 20113 Georgia Legislature is considering amending the Workers’ Compensation Act. 

With regards to medical treatment, the proposed bill takes aim at limiting coverage to the injured workers.  Currently, if you are injured on the job, you are entitled to (more…)

Do I have to pay taxes on my workers’ compensation “income” benefits?

Will the insurance company give me a 1099 or W-2?  As we prepare for tax season (more…)

What do I have in common with RG3? The workers’ compensation doctor released me back to work when I was not ready.

Not unlike a lot of injured workers’, Robert Griffin, III (affectionately known as “RG3”) , was released to return back to work injuring his right knee in a December 2012 game.  While the team doctor denied the (more…)