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November, 2009:

What benefits am I entitled to if my employer reduces my work hours and pay because of my workers’ compensation injury?

When an employer reduces the injured employee’s hours or pay because of her workers’ compensation accident, the employer may be required to pay a portion of the difference between the average weekly wage before the accident and the average weekly wage after the accident.  The difference in these wages would be taken at a 2/3 rate of pay.  This is called temporary partial disability.  These benefits (more…)

NCR Columbus Plant Opens on October 29, 2009

On October 29, the NCR Corporation opened its 350,000 sq. ft. ATM manufacturing facility in Columbus, Georgia.  Approximately 870 jobs will be created at the new Columbus facility over the next three years.  It has been reported (more…)

Bryan Ramos Delivers Speech to the Ghandi Foundation of USA

On October 10, 2009, Bryan Ramos, the managing attorney at the Ramos Law Firm, represented the Filipino community to celebrate the 140th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi.  The event was held that the Martin Luther King Center in downtown Atlanta.  The event consisted of (more…)