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July, 2009:

Ramos Law Firm Attends Reception for Vice-President of Ecuador and Expands Latino Relations

In an effort to expand the Firm’s relations within the Ecuadorian community, Bryan Ramos attended a reception for Lenin Voltaire Moreno Garces, the Vice-President of Ecuador, sponsored by the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce on July 27, 2009 at the World Trade Center Atlanta.  In his address to the community, Vice-President Moreno spoke about (more…)

Raising the Minimum Wage and its impact on Georgia Worker’s Compensation Claims

Today, many Georgia workers received a raise in pay.  The Georgia minimum wage was raised from $6.55 to 7.25 per hour. While there is a debate about whether this could prolong the recession, there will also be an impact on workers’ compensation claims.

The first and most obvious will be the affect on (more…)

What can I expect from the medical treatment workers’ comp provides me?

When an employee is injured on the job, he or she is either rushed to the hospital in severe cases or instructed to treat with “Concentra” or “Urgent Care.”  These places are industrial clinics that focus in minor occupational accidents.  If the injury requires more specialized care (more…)

Meeting with your workers’ compensation attorney

When there is a meeting between an injured worker and his or her workers’ compensation attorney, it is important to be prepared for the meeting.  If it is the first meeting, the injured employee should insist on meeting with an attorney.  This is not to (more…)

Technology Helps Law Firms Lower Cost

In today’s world everyone is looking for ways to save money. This holds true for both the Ramos Law Firm and the injured workers we help. One way we are helping our clients save money is through the use of technology.

The Ramos Law Firm was (more…)

Workers’ Compensation In the Latino or Hispanic Community

The Latino or Hispanic worker who is injured on the job may present unique issues not generally found in an ordinary Georgia workers’ compensation case.

For example, the Latino or Hispanic worker may not speak English.  In these cases (more…)

Looking to rent an office on Peachtree Street in Atlanta?

Okay, so it’s not workers’ comp related, but we do have office space available for rent in our suite.  We are located in the MacQuarium Building on Peachtree Street (more…)

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Changes in 2009

Earlier this year we wrote about the proposed changes to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act.  These changes have now taken effect.

Following are some of the changes: (more…)

Required “Notice” under Rule 201(b)

If an Employer/Insurer has controverted a workers’ compensation claim and the claim is later found to compensable, Board Rule 201(b) provides that “the employee is authorized to select one of the physicians who has provided treatment for the work-related injury prior to the acceptance of compensability, and after notice has been given to the employer, that physician so selected becomes the authorized treating physician.”

The question, then, is what constitutes notice.  On a very (more…)

My doctor considers my injuries disabling, another doctor does not, who has the final say?

In many situations, an employer and an employee will present conflicting testimony and evidence.  For example, an employee’s treating physician might classify an employee’s injury as disabling and catastrophic.  The employee will never to be able to work again.  While a doctor for (more…)